Policies and TOS


Preorder sales are final unless pins are not funded or production is otherwise cancelled, if so then full refunds will be issued automatically. If the design is changed from the time of preorders, it will be very minor, and a notice will be made public.

By preordering a pin you acknowledge that it may take several months before you receive your item, however I will post progress updates on Instagram and answer any questions you may have. When I have the pins delivered to me yours will be shipped before any in-hand pins are sold. Preorders are expected to take between 1-6 months depending on the size/quantity of pins, manufacturer, design, and any unanticipated delays but may take longer.

Please note that if you are purchasing an in-hand pin with your preorder, the in-hand pin may not ship until that preorder is finished. If you would like it to ship right away, please purchase it separately. When possible, I will try to combine any in-hand pins into subsequent orders, but if you don’t place any other orders it will not ship until the preorder is finished. 


A grade: 1-2 minor flaws only visible on close inspection such as very slight under fill/overfill or very small bubbles or specks, no pin is perfect and are all hand made but these are of the best quality.

B grade: more noticeable flaws such as larger specks/stray enamel, scratches, but still not very noticeable at arms length. Any facial flaws are very minor.

C grade: flaws noticeable at arms length such as missing or discolored enamel, larger scratches. Pins with more noticeable flaws on the face may also be considered C grade.

The backs of pins will not be graded with the exception of loose posts.


Cancellations requests are not permitted from either in-hand drops or preorders. Please keep wait times in mind when preordering an item.

Your order may be cancelled and refunded for any reason, including production issues, oversale of in-hand products, and violation of TOS.

Refunds may be issued if there is any problem with your order or if you have recieved damaged goods. If you have a question on whether or not you are eligible for a refund or you would like to request one, feel free to email me at piebaldpins@gmail.com


Please submit all address change requests as soon as you are able, once your order has shipped there is nothing that I am able to do and refunds/replacements will not be issued.

In hand items will be automatically combined whenever possible and excess shipping costs will be refunded. 


Reselling pins you have purchased is allowed, but I ask that you please not buy pins with the intent of reselling. If I find that you are buying pins in excessive quantities with the intent to resell your order may be cancelled and you will be blacklisted from the store.

Trading of my pins is allowed and encouraged, but please be mindful when pretrading pins that are not-yet in hand.